Secrets of the Shipyard Girls


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Secrets of the Shipyard Girls : Nancy Revell


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Nancy Revell a former journalist wrote the Shipyard Girls series, which is set in the north-east of England during World War II.

During World War II the shipyard girls face hardships at home, but work and friendship give them strength to carry on.

On the other hand Gloria must lean on her girls for support as Hope’s father is missing at sea, and with their future as a family so uncertain.

Meanwhile, head welder Rosie has turned her back on love to keep her double life secret. But her persistent beau is determined to find out the truth and if he does, it could ruin her.

Finally comes a glimmer of hope for Polly and her family when Bel and Joe fall in love. But it isn’t long before a scandalous revelation threatens to pull them all apart.

The beautifully written novel with well drawn sympathetic characters combined with a storyline will surely you turning the page till the end of the novel.

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